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About Vinibuoni.ro

Vinibuoni is the Romanian representative office for the 3 vineyards owned by the well-known Italian businessman, Mr. Edoardo Miroglio. Vinibuoni is proud to be able to offer now on the Romanian market the most exceptional wines from Tenuta Carretta – Italy and Edoardo Miroglio – Bulgaria.

Tenuta Carretta Wine

The Tenuta Carretta estate, historically a viticutural and wine-making farm in the Southern Piedmond region, Piobesi d`Alba village, Roero area, is simply a theatrical performance of nature, which extends from Podio vineyard through Bric Paradiso vineyard.
Archive notes confirm the existence of this cultivated landed estate since early 1584, already then belonging to hight rank families. Since than has been cultivating vineyards and raising cattle. De Brayda family, lords of Piobesi village, who boasted a land estate of about 30 ha for two centuries, were succeed Damiano family, lords of Priocca village, that continued to buy bordernig plots of ground and to enlarge the property. In the early 1800`s the whole land estate passed to Roeros`earl, whose heraldic bearings still today stand out at the main entrance of the estate.



Edoardo Miroglio Wine

In 2002 Edoardo Miroglio, a well known Italian producer of textile products and wines, discovered in the Thracian region of Bulgaria the perfect soil and climatic condition for production of quality wines. After elaborate analyses and soil tests in the micro-region of Elenovo village, he found that the terrior of Elenovo in unique for Bulgaria and is equally good for cultivating both red and white grape varieties. As a result of this, he decided to establish there one of the best modern wineries in the region.
So far, almost 22 million euros have been invested in Edoardo Miroglio wine cellar. The winery released its first production in October 2005. A team of Italian and Bulgarian specialists, headed by the worldwide recognized oenologist, Mr Marco Monchiero, manages the whole process.


Malgrà Wine

As he walks through the vineyards, the winemaker remains fascinated and dazzled by the intense spirit and beauty of the space around him. It is during moments like these that man can perceive the invisible and inexpressible strength of the Earth, that he can sense what type of wine can stem from that land and that land only. Every vineyard holds only one potential and unique wine and it is only through careful perception that man can extract nature’s precious secret fruit.

From the ever evolving relationship between man and land, made of both knowledge and struggle, come the terroir wines… always the same yet different with every season and every harvest.
These wines reflect the character, the strength and the sweetness of the soil they originated from.

Malgrà produces: Barbaresco, Barbera, Barolo, Brachetto, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Dolcetto, Gavi, Grappa, Monferrato Doc, Moscato, Nebbiolo, Roero Arneis, Sparkling Wines.